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You do the Maths commenced in 2006 and was established by Western Australian Mathematic teacher, Warren Beckwith.

Our focus is in the business of making Mathematics easier for you.

You may be a parent trying to support your child overcoming gaps in their understanding or seeking that little bit extra to achieve their goals.

Our tutoring services occur at our office, your home or online. We aim to build understanding through patience and looking back at fundamental skills, to strengthen the foundation of your child's knowledge. We also look to extend students who are aspiring to higher honours. Our focus is on assisting students in Senior School and helping mature age students needing to revise skills to further their education or careers.

We work with students on an ongoing basis, so there are no contracts or long term booking fees.


You may be a teacher looking for some guidance on concepts for your lessons, or resources to support your students.

Our youtube channel and resources have been created and used by teachers. These have been created in response to questions and concerns raised by students and teachers in schools.

Our aim is to be honest and up front about what we can offer you to help you, or your child, improve their understanding and success in Mathematics. 

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