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This page has been set up for teachers to access quick activities which can be used in the classroom.

The videos will explain what you need to do and the attached documents allow you to print off anything you require before going to class. For more great resources, please subscribe to our Youtube Channel 

These activities are designed to be used for short durations of time to break up, introduce or conclude a lesson.


Five Becomes Ten

Uses basic operations and Order of Operations.


No Worksheet

Uses basic operations and Order of Operations.


A game based on addition, probability and place value.

Fifteen Crosses

A strategy game.

Football Dice Game

No Video

Dice game with scores based on Australian Football

Chase to 100

An addition game using one and two digit numbers.

Race you to ...

An addition game using algebraic terms.

All in a Row

No Video

Naughts and crosses game on a grid.

Altogether Eight

No Video

Uses basic operations to equal an algebraic expression.


No Video

Dice game for a large group.

How close can you get?

No Video

Drawing geometric shapes from verbal instructions.

Reverse Bingo

No Video

Using whole numbers to fill a grid.

Eight Operations

Maximising using positive and negative whole numbers.

Australian Football

Various activities with links to the Australian Curriculum.

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