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Would you like to see skills and processes repeated at your pace, as many times as you would like?


Our tuition services are tailored to each individual student’s needs. We can provide extra resources to assist students to revise concepts that may not have been fully understood prior to the tutorial.


The tutoring sessions usually last for one hour, but we can be flexible depending on each student’s needs. Extra assistance is available via email once students have commenced tuition with You do the Maths.


Our tuition is done on a one to one basis, but we are happy to deal with small groups, if this is an option that is available to our clients.

We offer the option to run the tutoring session at our office, or at your home.


We also offer Online Tutoring, which allows for greater flexibility in terms of the time and duration of the session. Please feel free to contact us to have a free demonstration of how this works.

The Basic Steps


- We break down questions into the key problem solving steps.

- If required, we analyse these steps in greater depth to determine each student’s area of concern.

- We alter our explanations to ensure we make an individual connection


The aim is not just to improve each student’s assessment scores, but to assist growth in their confidence, enable greater awareness of the benefit of study skills and increase their enthusiasm for Mathematics.

The video below provides a brief outline as to how Online Tutoring works...

If you have any questions about tutoring contact Warren on email...

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