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The Coach’s Box is a creation of the company “You do the Maths”.


At “You do the Maths”, we are passionate followers of the great game of Australian Football. We also enjoy the tactical challenge of a puzzle, board game or problem-solving quiz. As educators we enjoy finding different ways to make people think.


This game came about after watching numerous sports and thinking, “wouldn’t it be fun to be in charge of your own team, at anytime, anywhere?”


We wanted to combine some mental skill, with a little luck, but most of all we wanted to create a contest… a game that evolves with the users.


Just like a game of football can control the position of your players. have to compete to gain control of the ball. need to pass the ball and maintain possession. need to score.

All of this whilst weighing up the best team balance that will let you ensure you beat your opponent.


Click this link to view a video on how to play the game

The Coach's Box

  • For customers outside of Australia, please contact us at  to inquire about purchases of our games.

What is OLNA?

The Online Literacy and Numeracy test or OLNA is a multi-choice computer-based test designed to assess students for a minimum standard required for higher education and the workforce.

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