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At You do the Maths, we also like to challenge with puzzles and games. To check out one of our own creations, celebrating an Australian game, check out The Coach’s Box.


If you are a teacher, you might like to look at the worksheets which we have produced to go along with the game. Please contact us and we can send these to you.

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Take Sum Risks

"Take Sum Risks" is a great way to introduce students to the practical applications of Chance.

The fundamentals of the game include the basic operations of Mathematics and it can

also be applied to multiples and place value.


The game is ideal for middle to upper primary school students, but can also be used to

review basic skills in lower secondary years.


If you want to have a look, please feel free to contact us for a preview.

We can show you the game by incorporating a display into a lesson, where

you get to see the immediate benefits with a class.

Or we can run a professional development session with staff.

What students have to say about the game….


I like the game Take Sum Risks because it is fun and it helps you to get better at addition and subtraction.

The game Take Sum Risks helped me a lot in my Maths.

I like this game because I have learnt how to add up quicker and it is really fun to play.

I liked Take Sum Risks because it was fun and very challenging.

The game helps me with adding numbers. I love playing with my friends because you can play with four people at a time.

Voices of the Players - Year 6 Students

BULK ORDERS for schools are available by contacting us directly at

(* Bulk Order = 10 or more packs at $6 each.)

You can purchase one pack (postage included) for $15, using the Paypal link below.

Take Sum Risks is also available from the following stores in Western Australia

Maths Association of WA (Cobbler Place, Mirrabooka)

Abacus (Osborne Park)

Puddletown (Bridgetown)

Brain Spice (Bunbury)

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