What is OLNA?



The Online Literacy and Numeracy test or OLNA is a multi-choice computer based test designed to assess students for a minimum standard required for higher education and the workforce.

Scroll down to see our new 2021 OLNA Resource on Multiplication.

OLNA Resources

Take a look at the samples shown below. You can purchase a digital text and produce multiple copies. You can place an order by clicking on the "Buy Now" buttons shown below and receive your book within 24 hours.

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At "You do the Maths" we have been helping a number of students 

who have struggled with a variety of concepts in their preparation for OLNA. Topics such as conversions, rates, scale, to name a few. All build on basic multiplication tables and skills. To assist students and teachers in this area we have developed a book that reviews basic multiplication tables and properties based on multiples of powers of ten. Check out our sample on the right. 

You can purchase this for $20 by clicking on the "Buy Now" button shown below or via Teachers Pay Teachers(which is in US Dollars).

New OLNA Support for 2021 - Multiplication Focus

Multiplication Skills

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Year 10 Resources


Check out our new digital book. This book has worksheets, activities and investigations based on the Australian Curriculum for Year 10. Save your time looking for that extra worksheet, or homework task, and download a copy of the "You do the Maths" Year 10 textbook. You can purchase this via the link below or directly from us via email.

Year 10 Mathematics Textbook

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Year 10 Textbook Sample

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