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Time for a tutor?

It's a few weeks into the school year and the first assessments start to take affect. Students get their results and quite often they don't match their own expectations. Parents become concerned and feel powerless to help. So is it time to get a tutor?

This is a question that parents often ask us at You do the Maths and we recommend taking a few steps before you make plans to employ a tutor. For the ease of explanation, let's call our student, "Kim".

Has Kim kept on top of the allocated homework?

Is Kim working to a plan? (i.e. Can Kim look ahead for the coming week and clearly state times they plan to do homework and study?)

Is Kim keeping track of questions? It's helpful to write these down, as problems arise, so Kim can ask for help at the next opportunity back at school.

Is Kim organised? Is there a clear plan to file work and organise notes?

Whilst this is something that most families would feel comfortable handling themselves. This is where we can help too. It might be that one session on "how to study" and "how to get organised" is all it takes for a student to start to realise their potential.

Feel free to contact us. We're happy to help with any aspect of #Maths #Tutoring .

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