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OLNA Preparation 2021

One of the key skills that is tested in OLNA is Multiplication.

Think of the list of skills that challenge students... applying scales on maps, converting between different units of measurement, using rates, calculating areas and volumes, percentage calculations etc.

A fundamental skill which prevents many students from successfully completing many of these questions is their lack of confidence with basic multiplication tables and the patterns which occur when multiplying by powers of ten (10, 100, 1 000 etc) and multiples of these numbers.

To assist students we have developed a work booklet that could be used to develop essental skills in the middle years of schooling, or as a revision tool for students preparing for OLNA.

If you're interested in having a look, check out our Resources page on our website https://www.youdothemaths.com.au/resources and scroll down to the heading, "New OLNA Support for 2021".

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